Latest upcoming events at the RICArts farm, art house and gallery.

RICArts Farm, Art House and Gallery will be open on Sunday 13th October 10am to 4pm, offering Devonshire teas and showcasing the various art skills available. Supporting Mental Health Week facilitated by the Resilience Centre and their sports groups. NB: this is a three page document below, click through pages on bottom left hand corner for additional information.
Lantern Work Shop

Patchwork Sewing Classes

MONDAY mornings – 9.00 am – 12.30 pm

at RICArts, Kennedy Farm, off Roberts Rd, RI Sylvia’s background in colour theory, sewing, patch work, quilting and painting are fundamental to the most incredible and intricate work she produces. Her knowledge of fabrics, colour combinations, sewing techniques and her broad interests encompass a huge range of tastes and fancies. A life philosophy of wanting to share and impart her skills and knowledge base to others is testimony to the quality of her workshops.

Anyone can participate and learn. From triangles and squares she will show you how to make bags and other useful objects. Starting from a very basic level, Sylvia will assist people who have never sewn or made patchwork objects.

If you would like more information on what to bring, please phone Sylvia on 3409 1388


Time to get your creative juices flowing

Starting weekly at 9.30 am, Tuesday 19 Feb

All welcome to be a part of the development of a ‘feature sculpture’.
The scope for this sculpture is limited only by your imagination and will enhance our landscaping area at the rear of the building.

Once again, Bob Turner will share his skills and expertise to help construct our Masterpiece!